Wrestling In The Middle To Late 70s

  What was going on in the middle to late 70s? Who was popular and who was not popular? What feuds were going on between wrestlers ? The year was 1975 and Bruno Sammartino was the heavyweight champion. This was his second run as champion and he had been champion for two whole years.
Bruno Sammartino

  There were at least six wrestlers at this time that were challenging Bruno for the championship belt. The six of them were as follows, Spiros Arion, Waldo Von Erich, George Steele, Cowboy Bobby Duncum, Ivan Koloff and the great Superstar Billy Ghram. Superstar Billy Ghram could not take the belt from Bruno.
Newer picture of Super Star Billy Ghram
Ivan Koloff
  There were some great tag teams wrestling in 1975. You had the Valiant
Brothers, Dominic Denucci and Victor Rivera. Dominic Denucci and Victor Rivera beat the Valient Brothers for the tag team championship belt. Later on Rivera gave up his half of the title. Denucci ended up picking Pat Barrett as his new partner. Later in the Fall of 1975 Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza won the tag team title from Denucci and Barrett. Then later that year in November Blackjack Mulligan and Blackjack Lanza lost the tag team belts to Louis Cerdan and Tony Parisi. Here is a link to Blackjack Mulligan at wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackjack_Mulligan .

Tony Parisi

Chief Jay Strongbow
  There were of some of my other favourite wrestlers wrestling that year. I remember Ivan Putski and his polish hammer. You also saw the great Andre The Giant. I remember seeing Andre here in Rochester New York somewhere around 1991 if I remember right. Of course there was another of my favourite wrestlers the Great Chief Jay Strongbow. He is seen at the right. I will never forget his war dance and his head feathers. Finally you also had George Steele chewing up the turnbuckles and causing havoc.

George The Animal Steele

Andre The Giant
Larry Zybszko
  Throughout the 70s in 1976 you saw The Big Cat Ernie Ladd, BoBo Brazil and Stan Hanson with his lariat  clothesline. Then in 1977 you saw the last year of Bruno Sammartino as champion. Other Great wrestlers included the like of Dusty Rhodes, Larry Zybszko, Tony Garea, Billy White Wolf and another of my favourites the great Mil Mascaras. Bob Backlund was running around putting people in his chicken wing arm lock. He was also on my all time favourites list . Larry Zybszko can be seen on the left.

Bob Backlund

Tony Garea

  In 1978 Superstar Billy Graham was champion and you had stars like Peter Maivia and Dusty Rhodes challenging him for the championship. You also had Mil Mascaras going for the belt as well. Later you had Bob Backlund defeat Billy Graham for the belt. Other wrestlers included Ivan Koloff, Gorilla Monsoon, Ken Patera and  Crusher Blackwell.

Dusty Rhodes The American Dream
Crusher Jerry Blackwell

Peter Maivia
  In 1979 the wwwf was no longer going by that name. It would then become the wwf or World Wrestling Federation. This whole year saw Bob Backlund as the heavyweight champion. There were a lot of challengers going for the belt. Some of them were The Big Cat Ernie Ladd, Bull Dog Brower, Greg Valentine and quite a few others. Pat Patterson defeated Ted Dibiase for the North American title in June. Of course Patterson had a little help with brass knuckles. The name of the belt was changed to the Intercontinental Belt. Ivan Putski and Tito Santana  won the tag team belts from the Valiants.

The Big Cat Ernie Ladd
Greg Valentine
Dick The Bulldog Brower
 Well that’s all for now so I hope you enjoyed reading.

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