Some More Of My Favourite Wrestlers From 1972

  Here are some more of my favourite wrestlers from 1972. There were so many I can't remember them all. Maybe as time goes on and I write more it will jog my memory and I will remember some more. I remember some of those big names like Pedro Morales, who was the WWWF Champion in 1972. Here is a picture of him below.
Pedro Morales


  Another wrestler I remember was Baron Mikel Scicluna. He had been around since the 1950s when he called himself Mike Valentino. I always remember him as the Baron with his royal blue cape over his shoulders. Of course our television at that time was black and white, so magazines was where I saw the real colors. Here is a link to his wikipedia page . Here is a picture of the Baron below.
Baron Mikel Scicluna
  Who will ever forget George The Animal Steele with his green tongue. His famous act of ripping the turnbuckle pad apart with his teeth. He had more hair on his body then I had ever seen. I sure did love to watch him wrestle through the years. Here is a link to his wikipedia webpage . I have seen him make a few appearances on the current wwe show.
George The Animal Steele
  One of my favourite  wrestlers of all time has been Bruno Sammartino. He held the championship belt for over 11 years. That's a very long time compared to most wrestlers these days. Once again I have seen him make appearances on the wwe show. Here is a link to his wikipedia webpage for more information about Bruno http://en.wikipedia.or/wiki/Bruno_Sammartino.

Bruno Sammartio
  Here are just a few more wrestlers from the past. You had Stan Stasiak, Karal  Gotch, Mr Fuji, Chief Jay Strongbow, Bobo Brazil, Fred Blassie and one I will never forget Gorilla Monsoon. I think I remember him most, because of watching him and Bobby The Brain Heenan doing their announcing on the show.

Karl Gotch
Stan Stasiak

Bobo Brazil
Classy Freddie Blassie in front waving

Bobby Heenan

Gorilla Monsoon
  I hope you enjoy reading. Thank You and have fun.


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