Braun Strowman Is Wreaking Havoc In The WWE

 As of late Braun Strowman has been beating up everyone in his path.
Back a few months ago he was running around wanting better competition. They had him at some matches wrestling two and three opponents in the ring. Yes he made short work of them as he did the old stack the beaten wrestlers on top of each other for the 1-2-3 Pin.
 Okay so lets think who has he had some feuds with so far ? Oh yes he had a little run with Sami Zayn for awhile. In fact Sami still shows up once in awhile to take a poke at the big man. How could we forget the current feud with Roman Reigns. The last I had seen he pretty much beat Roman Reigns to a pulp. Yes they put Roman on a stretcher and Braun shoved him off the shipping dock and he landed up side down on the concrete. The they put Roman in the Ambulance and Braun tipped the Ambulance over with Roman inside.
 Next he had put Kalisto in a dumpster and rolled him off the stage platform. I also remember Braun making a statement to the beast Brock Lesnar, but I have not heard too much more of that lately. Now for the finally you had the Big Show slam into Braun pushing him into the steel garage door. Of course you know this was not going well, so the Big Show and Braun ended up in the ring. Yes that match ended with the Big Show giving the Big Show a Superplex off the turnbuckle. This ended with the entire ring collapsing as the referee got bounced out of the ring. Braun got up and did his beastly roar. The last time I saw that happen was with Mark Henry and the Big Show.
 I just wonder when Braun will end up with one of the Championship Belts.

Here are a few videos below and I hope you enjoy them.




Randy Orton Burns Up Sister Abigail


Randy Orton The Viper
 I was watching Smackdown and the true Randy Orton has returned. I had a feeling he was only using Bray Wyatt . Yes I believe he was tearing the Wyatt family apart from the inside. The question is did he succeed in tearing them apart ? Oh Hell Yes !!! as Stone Cold Steve Austin would say.
 I watched as he revealed his true feelings to Bray Wyatt
as Bray stood in the middle of the ring with a smirk on his face. I guess he felt it was just a big joke. What I didn't expect was that Randy Orton was going to burn up the soul of Sister Abigail. Yes I watched as the rocking chair kept rocking next to him until he stopped it.
 The next thing you know is there is already a hole in the floor of the cabin where Sister Abigail was laid to rest years ago. So after his long speech to Bray Wyatt, he starts pouring gas all over the place. He then makes his way outside and pours the fuel all over the outside of the cabin. Next he strikes a match and drops it on the gas on the ground.
 Now you can see the anxiety and horror building up on the face of Bray Wyatt. The cabin is fully engulfed in flames and Bray Wyatt is now crumbling to the ground. You could almost see the evil demons fleeing from his evil soul. Okay so the next question is will this destroy Bray Wyatt to a weak shell of a man. You know he was always calling himself God and we know that was not true. So will he be totally destroyed or will he be filled with new hatred and try to destroy Randy Orton.
 I guess all we can do is see what happens this weekend on Sunday at Fastlane. Click the link above and watch Randy Burn Up Sister Abigail.

The Wyatt Family No More

WWE Wrestlers We Have Lost In 2017

George The Animal Steele

Ivan Koloff
Nicole Bass
 It my life time I have seen many of my favorite wwe wrestlers pass on to eternity. Just recently I saw on the internet that Nicole Bass passed away at a early age. Then a week or so later one of my all time favorite wrestlers that I grew up watching was George The Animal Steele. Now George The Animal Steele was in his 70s ,so he at least was not passing away at a young age like so many have. Then just a day later I read that Ivan Koloff passed away and he was in his 70s as well. Yes I remember watching Ivan Koloff known as the Russian Bear fight many a match. I may not have always cheered him, but I certainly enjoyed watching him wrestle.
Jimmy Super Fly Snuka
 One more of my all time favorites passed away about a month ago. Yes that was the all time favorite for jumping off the steel cage, non-other than Jimmy The Super Fly Snuka. He was just another wrestler that I loved watching as I grew up. 
So say a prayer for each of them and ring the bell 10 times.

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