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Just wanted to put out a little post on my new website. Yes you can buy all kinds of WWE Merchandise At Good Prices. I have been a fan of the wwe since the early 70s when it was the wwf and Vince McMahon was a young announcer. Yes the show has changed quite a bit and I lost a little track back in the early 90s due to raising my three kids when they were babies. Today my youngest son watches the WWE on the WWE Network. Yes we watch WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE Smackdown and all the pay per views on the WWE Network.

WWE Whats Up

Okay so what has been going on in the WWE as of late. One thing that comes to mind is the break up and battle between Enzo Amore and Big Cass. The break up was kind of a shock, but then not really. It always seems that when two wrestlers tag for quite awhile and become fan favorites there is a break up in the near future. Then the next thing is the usual battle that starts up. If you have been watching the show that is exactly what happened. Of course the Big Show is now coming out with Enzo and battling Big Cass. Well they hurt Big Shows wrist, but I noticed it was all better....hmmmm.
 Now with the usual turn of events, Big Cass flew over the ropes and out onto the hard floor. I remember seeing him land awkwardly on his knee. He got back in the ring, but had trouble standing up on it. He eventually had to call in the ringside medics and the match was stopped. This was a legitimate injury and he will be out with surgery to his knee. So what did they do, because he can't battle Enzo or The Big Show. Well now they have got Enzo moving into the cruiser weights and getting into it with that group.

Let me think, oh yes there is John Cena that has shown up on Monday Night Raw. He seems to want to get into it with Roman Reigns. I guess you just can't have two big dogs in the same yard. Now to add some flavor to the mix we see the Miz, his wife and the two cronies getting involved in the mix up. Every time John Cena starts with Roman Reigns, the Miz and his Mizfits show up to interfere. Then we have a match with all of them and Cena and Reigns form a Tag Team. I can see it's getting set up for the next pay per view.
 Oh yes don't let me forget Brock Lesnar and Braun Stroman. This is definitely a battle of the big guys. I have a feeling this will be another match with the ring falling apart from all the weight
slamming down. The way I see it, I think
it's time for Braun Stroman to become the heavy weight champ. It's funny I
hear the crowd cheering for both of them, so it's hard for me to choose a favorite. I would like to see Braun win and change his attitude to become a real fan favorite. Who knows there could be another Hulk Hogan in the future...maybe not.
 Next we have Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor battling it out. In Summer Slam Finn came out as the Demon King and defeated Bray Wyatt. It seemed as if Bray was not sure what to do with Finn. Now we had the little battle royal in the ring last week for a chance at the Intercontinental Title that the Miz has. Yes we had Jeff Hardy of the Hard Boys with that. Poor Miz looked like he left something in his pants when Jeff Hardy won.
 Of course there are many other matches going on with Women and other wrestlers. So you will just have to watch the two shows and just try and keep up.

WWE Extreme Rules 2017

Don't Forget To Watch Extreme Rules Tonight !!!

Here is a list of the matches that will be taking place:

1PKalisto vs. Apollo CrewsSingles match
2Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn B├ílor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa JoeFatal 5-Way Extreme Rules match to determine the #1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship
3Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz (with Maryse)Singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
If Ambrose is disqualified, he will lose the title
4Alexa Bliss (c) vs. BayleyKendo Stick-on-a-Pole match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship
5The Hardy Boyz (Jeff and Matt Hardy) (c) vs. Cesaro and SheamusSteel Cage tag team match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
6Neville (c) vs. Austin AriesSubmission match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship[25]
7Rich Swann and Sasha Banks vs. Noam Dar and Alicia FoxMixed tag team match

One of the things that needs to change is the consistent interference by other wrestlers or by someone at ringside.This just seems to be the going thing for someone to add an advantage to their winning of the match or for someone to sabotage the other wrestler. Usually to get back at them in one way or another.
 For example we have Maryse with the Miz at ringside causing interference in some way for the Miz to win the match. A short time ago she was spraying wrestlers in the eyes with hair spray. Now have the Miz himself jumping in the ring to interfere in Dean Ambrose match with the new Elias Samson. It's just becoming a ridiculous and cheap move on any individuals part to win a title or a match. All it really shows is that wrestler obviously can not win on his own and therefore has to cheat.
 What a wonderful lesson we are teaching the young children in the wwe universe.
 Just finished watching Extreme Rules and yes the usual cheating went on. At one point Miz gets Maryse to slap him, but the referee realized it and threw Maryse out. What happens next is she comes back to ringside, gets on the apron, distracts the referee and the Miz throws Dean Ambrose into the referee. The referee is now going to disqualify Dean. While Dean pleads with the referee the Miz takes advantage and puts his move on Dean Ambrose. You guessed it Dean Ambrose gets pinned and the Miz is the Intercontinental Champion again.
 Some things never change.

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